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Post by Lien on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:37 pm

The six known races throughout Chromatic Skies are united under a peace treaty known as The Collective. These six realms work in harmony to make the land as productive and abundant as it is.

The Deamen - "Enforcers of Daes"
AKA Freedom for those who behave
Once sought only as demons of darkness and dread, The Daemen have aspired to become a composed, methodical in each decision. Each of the race can differ in powers, abilities or looks depending upon their families lineage or even their own power. However under the light of Daes each creature born in the city of Hazen is born with crimson red skin. Adding to the whispers that each child born under the moon of Hazen is marked with madness. Many of this race use a more destructive, odd.. Creepy, shadowy or just out of the ordinary type of ability. Labeling them almost somewhat unlike their divine counter parts, the Elves. This playing a huge part in earlier times when Daemen had been enslaved by the other races to be used for warfare,house hold chores and the like.

Daes'Rea was known in Daemen history as the first king of their kind to stand against the other cities ,declare to join allegiances and break the chains of slavery on his people. After ten grueling years of skirmishes and various battles led to the Chromatic Order being forged. After Daes'Rea achieved his goals everything changed, what was once creepy hovels became massive thorn-like castles. Then within a few years the lowest of the six kingdoms had become a fearsome juggernaut of brute force. Their chaotic nature seemed to be masked by uniforms, suits and overbearing controlling order.

Draconic - "Keepers of Crystilline"
AKA Soul Boners err... Builders
Dragon men and women who live deep within the womb of Chromatic Skies. These great creatures stayed out of the war that went above them, choosing instead to build their city and live in harmony among only their own people. They are known for their dragon like looks, longevity, amazing architectural design, as well as their ancient magic relics. The Draconic are the only species to have soul bonding, a beautiful process in which two souls pledge to be one for eternity, though finding ones soul bonded mate is a journey few manage to complete.

Elves - "Traditionalists and Loremasters"
AKA Elitest

Gifted with longevity, intellect and grace, the Long-Eared Elves are considered the the most noble figures amongst Chromatica... Though, perhaps it is only their people who think so. Their tones are varied, from those with skin darkened by desert sunlight, to the pale High-Bloods whom covet their libraries and luxury. The Long-Ears are deep seeded in their upbringing, passing down their culture from generation to generation, developing a certain sense of pride and arrogance that oft clings to them eternal. Most are home-bound beings, sticking to their clusters of comrades, but the innate curiosity of Elves does lead many to travel all the same, leaving behind their city of Yaara Harma and it's white-gold architect in search of intrigue elsewhere. At their core, Elves have a love of order, tradition, nature and serenity, but their design gives room for ideas to grow, if only their stubbornness does not damn them.

The Long-Ears hold a great deal of respect for the Draconian race, for much of their views are shared between, and the Orcs with their savagery are avoided, for their ways simply cannot coincide with the proper, courtly Elves. The Daemons, however... Are given the utmost scrutiny, for their very existence sews seeds of disdain within the walls of Yaara Harma. Perhaps it is how the Red-Skins operate, standing against the heritage of Elves to provoke thought and doubt... Or, perhaps it is what 'The Haze' creates, when an Elf born of Light produces spawn under that red veil. Crimson orbs adorning darkened flesh that takes ill from harsh light, Elves born of the Hazen Moon are known as Drow, the Twisted Long-Ears that strayed from the path, forever damned to ally with the Daemons as kin whilst their true 'brothers' do turn against.

Nymphs - "Kindred Spirits of Gaia"
AKA Hippies
Beautiful free spirits like the Nymph kind were once deeply enslaved. Used for their various powers of healing, growing foods for troops, building, and their great beauty. However as the Daemens rose, the Nymph kind found their own voice and helped to fight for freedom. And once it was obtained? The Nymphs seemed to divide into three sections... those who went back to the forest of Druidia to reclaim their homeland, those who chose to wander the world, and finally... those who chose to continue their political agendas in the capital city. While there was a whisper of a capital existing in Druidia, it has long since been lost to time.

Nymphs of the world are humanoid in shape but beyond that, much can be said about appearance as it ranges depending on what class of plant variety they take after. The Dryad subspecies seems to take after the oaks they form from and grow quite tall while a flowered Nymph might be short. Nymphs feed off of sunlight through chlorophyll in their veins, but do need to ingest water still to stay hydrated. They can, however, ingest other beverages and some have been known to nibble on meat from time to time to enjoy the flavor. There has never been a Nymph to die of age, but are often and easily victims of weather exposure or lack of care. Almost all Nymphs can have a telepathic conversation together with eye contact, and with practice some other species can communicate with them as well.  One thing all Nymph kind share, is their worship to the ground from which all life came from... mother Gaia. All Nymph kind give thanks and worship to Gaia the Earth Mother and Helios the Sun Father, for without either existence could not be. Their religion is called "Kindred Spirits of Gaia", and is often referenced by other races as just "facts of life" and is often looked down upon. They do not build temples or statues, but rather greet the morning sun with thanks and say their prayers as the sun rises and/or sets.

Orcs - "Order of Log'Raul"
AKA Green Power Houses
Physically strong and green skinned, this species is male only and not birthed but actually grown. Most Orcs were once slaves and were used as soldiers, work horses, and for other labor requirements and so they are very loyal to their own kind now that they have their freedom. Their species have now formed a colony very similar to that of the Mafia and have taken to inhabiting the Dreggs, located in a ruined area of Chromatic City. They are often seen in the markets but their religious services as well as living spaces are kept deeply secreted from the other species.

Solarians - "Servants of the three kings of Light"
AKA Dumb Angel Vikings
Creatures who hail from the mountains that surround all of Chromatic skies. Much is unknown about these creatures who also remained out of the wars, except the fact that they posses incredibly abilities through powers of light and that they have slits upon their backs to release excess amounts of energy and light that gather within their bodies. They are said to have an unusual Matriarchal society and that their king is actually a woman.


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