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Name: Clyde Clover though almost everyone only knows him as Clover.
Mother: Marlene Clover
Father: Bartholomew Clover, Farmer
Siblings: Many who still work back on the farm that he keeps safe back home and out of the city.

Basic Information
Age: 207
Race: Nymph of the clover variety
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Titles: Clover
Affiliations: Kindred Spirits of Gaia
Prior Affiliations: None
Social Standing: Travel companion to Lady Nightshade, Clover is doctor of sorts as well as a merchant of Dandelion wine that his family's farm sells.

What do you look like?
Appeared Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Build: Lithe
Skin Color: Pale with a slight green hint with green chlorophyll veins
Eye Color: black with white markings in the shape of a four leaf clover
Hair Appearance: His hair is made of bright green leaves that lay gently over his face.
Abnormalities: A piercing over the bridge of his nose, as well as a missing pinky on his left hand, and speaks with a very heavy Irish accent.

Personal effects
Abilities and Powers: Great medical knowledge of all the races from his many travels; the most steadfast hands a surgeon could ever dream of; can hold his breath for around 15 minutes; weather inclination; and can hold is liquor quite well.

Equipment: A brass necklace with a small bottle holding a four leaf clover, his medical bag filled with supplies, and a large jug of dandelion wine always strapped around his hip.


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