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Mother: Who birthed you, do you even have a mother?

Father: Who's your daddy and what does he do?

Siblings: Brother? Sister?? Evil step-sisters?

Basic Information

Age: Self explanatory.

Race: The fuck did you come from? Womb? Egg? Darkness?

Gender: Nope. Not gonna explain it.

Sexuality: I hope I don't have to explain this one..

Titles: What do you be called? How big is your dick?

Affiliations: Who's yo boi.

Prior Affiliations: Who was your ally, but not so much now?

Social Standing: King? Knight? Baron? VAGABOND!?

What do you look like?

Appeared Age: Please be simple, I don't need to know what your anime picture is dressed as. Describe how you look, then in your role-play describe how you dress on a daily basis. We aren't in the biz of being lazy people, in any world you wouldn't be wearing the same cloths every single day.

Height: You got this. I hope.

Weight: Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy or Hefty, Hefty, Hefty?

Build: How do you carry yourself?

Skin Color: This really should have been covered during race, BUT PEOPLE WANNA BE FLOWERS SO SUCK IT!

Eye Color: Are they blue as the sea or dark as the blackest night?

Hair Color: How do you do you, Honey boo?

Abnormalities: Any tattoo's or personal.. enhancements?

Personal effects

Abilities and Powers: Go nuts.

Equipment: What do you constantly carry on you? Better have coats to cover them weapons kiddo's.


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