The World... as seen thus far

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The World... as seen thus far Empty The World... as seen thus far

Post by Lien on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:01 pm

The great expanse of Chromatic skies, known as such for the large, reflective barrier sky above that shimmers and sways with a multitude of colors and shades. Surrounded by high cascading mountains that descend into lush green forest that slopes to the flowing fields and finally descends to the great city of Chromatica that was once ravaged by a civil war where all that was sought was the precious gift of freedom. As the Daemons rose up, their brethren who no longer wished to be under the power of the Elves rebelled with them. But freedom is not free... and the final price was the head of those who once held the power.

As the old ways were culled, and a new system rose up, thanks to the Daemon kind, to grant liberty to those who pursued it. And so... a new peace has grown and yet a tremor has started to occur about the land... and it would seem the sky is cracking.


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