Rathmyr Aegnor, Voice of the Elvish Kingdom

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Rathmyr Aegnor, Voice of the Elvish Kingdom Empty Rathmyr Aegnor, Voice of the Elvish Kingdom

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Rathmyr Aegnor

Mother: Mayleen Aegnor (Deceased)

Father: Syndros Aegnor (Deceased)

Siblings: He is an only child.

Basic Information

Age: 254

Race: Pale Elf born of The Haze, bearing striking crimson hues, but lacking the darkened skin and white hair of traditional Haze Born Elves (Drow)

Gender: Stick and Stones

Sexuality: Fancies the ladies


Surface Renown: Speaker of the Elves, Bearer of Black-Flame, Ambassador of Light and Dark, Ale-Sloshed Adventurer.

Subterranean Renown: Bandit the Crafty, Suustol Barra, The Courteous Cutthroat.

Affiliations: Being as friendly as he is, there aren't *too* many abroad who find him unsavory. Those of the Elves who cast aside their prejudices find him as worthy ally and Voice, but there are many who scorn him for his Drow blood and deviation from The Elements. Daemons find him as trusted, for the most part, but there are many who hold skepticism for his intent, given his place as Ambassador for the Elves. His respect and courtesy grants him nod from the Dryads, but for his own sake the fellow keeps healthy distance from Nymphs, even if they find each other's company so agreeable.

Prior Affiliations: Not much is known of who he strolled with before the war drew to a close, but much of the public affiliations he held were maintained through to the end of great conflict.

Social Standing: Generally known by name, though not so much by face, for his position as Ambassador does spread his influence further than the local watering hole.

What do you look like?

Rathmyr Aegnor, Voice of the Elvish Kingdom Pbucket

Appeared Age: Born of Elvish lineage, Rathmyr has quite the young, roguish appearance, with high set cheekbones and angles to shape his face. His smirk sings of mischief, and it is oft plastered about his features, but his true smile shines with radiance that exposes his warm nature beneath.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: Buck Sixty (Soaking Wet)

Build: Lithe and limber, but toned given his 'extracurriculars'.

Skin Color: Pale as a ghost, with a hint of color dashing his canvas.

Eye Color: Deep crimson iris, with bright whites to accompany.

Hair Color: Blonde-white locks adorn the top of his skull, with bangs flowing to one side with trim that gives nod to both his Elvish roots and Drow birth.

Abnormalities: Rathmyr's beloved ears are lined from lobe to tip with varied piercings inlaid with sanguine stones, each given intricate engravings that mirror from one ear to the other. At least forty in total are present, ranging from rings to studs, but all are modest in size and painstakingly positioned with precision.

Personal effects

Abilities and Powers:

Elemental Prowess: Mastery of Black Fire (Fire that produces no light)

Hazeborn Gift: Blood and Shadows, the preferred schools adopted by Haze Born Elves, given their birth aligning them with The Dark and Life Essence. Rathmyr's obsession with pursuing his birthright abilities lead to linking the two schools together, developing his own mastery over these curious 'Living Shadows'.

Equipment: The usual, hand-carved pipe and herb pouch is always about his person, as well as those beloved black leather gloves. Darkened, round lenses in mithril wire-frame accent his face, though in truth they protect sensitive crimson hues from the oppressive sunlight that intrudes. His attire changes from day to day, but he tends rely on wrapping himself in whites or blacks accompanied by red, matching his orbs and ears with rather safe choice.


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